Northern delicacies

in the middle of Helsinki

Lappish Christmas Buffet

Saaga’s genuine Lappish ice-filled wooden boat is set with season’s best homemade starter delicacies. Warm main courses and Christmas desserts complete the experience. The Lappish Christmas buffet and Saaga’s atmospheric Lapland milieu create a unique setting for Christmas meals in the middle of Helsinki!


Welcome to enjoy Lappish and Finnish delicacies!

Lappish Christmas Buffet 7.11.-21.12.

Starters on ice-filled wooden boat

Conifer salt graved sea salmon, and mustard sauce L,G
Roe seaweed cake with saffron L,G
Warm smoked rainbow trout D,G
Horseradish flavoured cold smoked salmon and egg tartare L,G Christmas herring and red onion L,G
Deer pâté with dried fruit compote L,G
Alder smoked pork shoulder and Christmas mustard L,G
Beetroot apple salad and walnut dressing VE,G
Salad of roasted honey carrots and Brussels sprouts with Lappish squeaky cheese crumble L,G
Wild mushroom salad L,G
Fresh lettuce, and cranberry vinaigrette VE,G
Boiled potatoes with dill butter L,G Christmas loaf L churned butter L,G

Main course buffet

Slow braised sautéed reindeer and game L,G crushed lingonberries VE,G, pickled cinnamon cucumber VE,G fluffy mashed potatoes L,G

Roasted fillet of cod, and shrimps in turmeric white wine sauce L,G

Red cabbage spinach casserole with blue cheese L,G
Cauliflower and broccoli gratin, sauce Bearnaise G

Dessert Buffet

Saaga’s luscious apple cake and salted caramel sauce L
Mandarin chocolate trifle L,(G) Brie cheese and jellied cloudberries L
Marmalade candies L,G and Christmas gingerbread cookies L
Coffee and tea



D = Dairy free  L = Lactose free
G = Gluten free  (G) = available gluten free

For pre-order (1 day before) vegan menu as plate service:

Starter: “Shrimp” skagen on Christmas bread, dill crème and seaweed caviar VE,(G)
In between: Velvety carrot ginger soup and sea buckthorn VE,G
Main course: Lentil and pulled oat ragu gratinated with mashed potatoes, and nut apple salad VE
Dessert: Mulled wine parfait and jellied cloudberries VE,G

Welocme to enjoy magical Christmas atmosphere!

7 Nov–6 Dec TUE–SAT 17–23
7–21 Dec TUE–FRI 12–23, SAT at 17–23

From 7 December Saaga is open on weekdays already at lunchtime for the best pre-Christmas time!