Restaurant Saaga

The magic of Lapland and Finland
in the heart of Helsinki

If you always have dreamt of visiting Lapland but never had the chance – you can experience the magical atmosphere in Lapland-inspired restaurant Saaga in the heart of Helsinki.

Welcome to Saaga

We bring the enchantment of Lapland to our guests in our service, interior decor and table settings, as well is in our food. Saaga has around 150 seats in two different floors.

Boat filled with the best delicacies of Northern water

Saaga’s original Lappish wooden boat filled with ice chips is set with a real fisherman’s catch. The plentiful appetizer selection includes a variety of fish delicacies and accompaniments.
The price of the Fish Buffet includes a delicious dessert of your choice.
You can complete your menu with a table served main course of your choice.
Saaga offers the best delicacies of Lappish and Finnish food.

We welcome you

to feel and enjoy the magical feeling with us - Buresboahtin!

Need bigger room

for your group?

Saaga has around 115 seats in two floors (street level for 45 and upstairs for 70). On the street level dining room we have our buffet and seats for around 45 guests (we can seat a group of 38 guests on their own area downstairs). Upstairs there are seats for 70 in 4 different smaller areas. Window corner for 24, Loft “Piippuhylly” for 16, Balcony with 6 tables of 2-4 each (Balcony tables cannot be combined).
Unique private room Shaman for 8-10 persons with wooden table with benches.